Sunday, May 15, 2011

tease me and go to hell

Tease me

Well I know myself a lot now. Day to day experiences force me to understand not only me but also the environment. And I have seen death from a lot closer level which really helped me in making right decisions about what really matters in life.

The things which are important in life are now in my dictionary and I have made a big list but the surprising and obvious fact is that everyone is not like me and there are lots of people in this world who has never faced hard difficulties.

They may have faced difficulties but hard difficulties are not in there life. The situation is different. Different people have different problems and issues and happiness. All things travel in a twisting order. But I cannot ignore a certain type of people who I guess have not seen any problems in there life and that’s what makes them cruel and immature.

I am courageous and I have great strength and I have great tolerating power. This power of tolerating the shit is a god gift. From my childhood I have seen people spitting shit from there dirty mouth and I was the one handling it nicely. I am a sensitive person and I feel things and stuff people do or say. But I am so grateful to god that the tragedies happened with me really trained me so well that I can digest the worse possible nightmare.

I follow some rules and I have made some rules.

My rule no.1) when anyone tease me and laugh at me, I just remain calm and composed and let them say whatever they want to. Suppose take an example of a friend. If a friend teases me and say anything bad about me, I quickly kick that person out from my friends list, well this act happens in my brain, it means in my thinking I kick that person out from my life but in social world that person remains in my friends list, in social networking sites and I regularly say hi or hello to them. They keep on teasing me and I keep myself busy in collecting and preserving there words. The words used by them to hurt me stays with me for a longer period and I just wait and observe and I bet that god punishes the culprits very dramatically in the best possible manner. For example one of my friend used to tease me and laugh at me a lot , it was like a daily dose he used to give me and I was accepting the words with love and respect and one day there was some work which came up to him and without me it could not be done and guess what…?

What you think I did?

Did I help him? And especially after all that insult and humiliation

The answer is yes I did help him. It sounds shocking and a stupid step as any other person will never help but I helped and I also prayed. I pray to god everyday that whosoever did anything wrong with me which I do not deserve should be punished by the god. I will always remain on the good path and I will always be nice to everyone, even when they hurt me again and again. May god give them the realization about the wrong steps they took and there inhuman and cruel attacks should throw them in the lake of guilt and they may live in pain and they must regret the mistakes they did and there guilt should follow them everywhere they go. There happy moments should be vanished and there death may not give discomfort to anyone…

I hope you enjoyed the consequences of being a sinner because culprits never get blessings.

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