Thursday, May 26, 2011

shameful maternal grand father

It’s shameful to even recognize or consider him. He has crossed all his limits. I didn't expect this from him. He is simply irritating and annoying. He offended me from the bottom of my heart and still I am feeling pathetic. I just cannot believe anyone now. The betrayal is too big to digest in one life. It’s a nightmare and a rainy disaster for me.

I am talking about my MATERNAL GRAND FATHER...he was always very funny. Whenever he used to meet us, he used to crack jokes and he had great humor. Simply unaware of his real side, I was considering him as my ideal because he was very practical and extremely intelligent.

The dictionary was on his tips and he knew everything about so many fields. He was very good in the job of human resources and his communication skills were remarkable. I always wanted to be like him. Whenever he used to visit us he always used to bring so many presents but his presents were all confusing and annoying. Like for a 10 yrs old boy he will bring a gift which is for 4 yr old. This was his usual habit and I was used to it.

I didn't know much about him because he used to live away from my house. My mother used to tell me about him and she knew much about her father but I always used to ask questions to my mother about her father (my grand father) and about grand mother. I have never seen my grand mother but whenever I used to visit my grandfather house I used to see her painting there, it was excellent piece of work. I always used to admire her painting and always used to ask this same question on every visit to my grand father.

Can I take this painting? I just love it and he always used to say no.

I always used to see and examine his whole house very carefully and everything was cluttered. His house was a big mess. He himself used to feel irritated by all that junk which he was storing for years. But for me that junk was a treasure. I always used to enjoy digging his cloth and newspaper castles and it was fun.

His walls were all covered with posters of nude woman’s and it was stupid and the most shameful act. I always used to feel strange to see him admiring those dirty things. At least one should see them in closet but he was not worried at all and proudly he used to admire them and he was a big chain smoker.

I didn't know much about his achievements but I heard that he always used to beat my grand mother with leather belts. He was alcoholic too. My grand mother left some property for me and it was her land which she got from her parents and my grand father was the care taker until I become an adult but he had some other plans. He sold all of my property and he gave that money to a woman and it was big money. That woman was his maid.

Now common who gives money to a maid? And that too in millions

I was shocked when I saw that maid flaunting her new Mercedes and expensive branded clothes. She used to live with my shameless grand father in his house and they used to live like couples. I asked my grand father about my property and he denied. I never knew this thing will happen with me. The man I trusted my whole life was a cheater and just because of his offensive lust he back stabbed me for that woman. I don’t know why he did this to me? Money makes people crazy but money made him a cannibal.

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