Saturday, May 28, 2011

pulkit is a maniac

Every one needs a purpose in life and without purpose life is so empty. It’s a fact but some people do not have any purpose in there life and they waste it like anything. If I talk about myself I always say that I cannot sit empty .

I always need something to do and Sunday’s are the most boring days in my life if I don’t have any work. I can proudly say I am workaholic and sometimes I call myself a maniac because I act like one. I am always so serious about everything. I don’t like to go to theatres , I hate wasting time in traveling , I don’t enjoy picnic , I hate discs , I hate parties , I hate everything which makes me feel free and aimless and jobless.

My madness for art really helped me in tackling this situation. My daily routine is working on the sites (interior design) job and that’s it. It may take my whole day and I just love doing overtime. I love to get busy and this thing makes me feel full and I feel nice.

I am a very sensitive person and I feel things. There are many people who come in our life and ruin it by there tortures and attacks. I proudly say that I am ruined and there were many who contributed in this game. The game which was designed to destroy me was successful and the confidence of my enemies was at the highest level. The damaged they have caused is unrecoverable and unbreakable.

They have given some very deep stains and wounds which are still causing pain. I regret the mistakes I did and I am still paying for that. I hate the bad things happened to me and I hate the cruel and clever nature of some people. This clever and cruel nature is strong enough to cause the big giant damage.

I always think about my past and the incidents which happened with me are stronger enough to depress me every time. I don’t like to celebrate my birthday. You can say I am always criticized and discouraged and this negative motivation has made me sick and I am just living that’s it, there is no life, it’s like being a plastic mannequin which is used by others.

I involve myself into work because I have no other reason to find happiness and peace. I make friends but no friend stays with me for long. You can say I don’t know the right way to make friends and I am at fault I guess and that’s the only reason that my friends are temporary. I need people because I cannot live alone. Loneliness is the biggest evil and I hate loneliness. I am a sensitive, immature, dependent person. Let’s see what happens next….

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