Friday, May 6, 2011

my loser friends confessions

What the hell I am doing here???

What the hell I am doing here??? This question comes to my mind whenever I am in any awkward place and luckily I find them a lot. I never knew about my influence and about the impact and feel of my style and behavior on anyone.

I actually did not know about myself in anyway. I always used to treat myself as ordinary and I never ever knew in my wildest dreams that I am being followed and copied. My actions are really spreading reactions and it’s really making jaws wide open and yeah it’s actually wide open.

I am so surprised and I always used to criticize myself for one thing or the other but I am so good and recently I got that information by some of my loser friends. Well their confessions are shocking and the reactions are actually satisfying.

This is my mistake that I trusted the wrong ones and ignored the right ones. Although  I lost many friends and I miss them, I really do and side by side hate myself for being stupid but I cannot apologies now. I did and I am done.

The word self respect is still in my dictionary and I love it. So I don’t feel any need to act as a slave or a sticky gum for them . I hate that irritating eye contact which happens a lot with the people who were my friends but now they are just people and it feels stupid to say “ Hi or was-sup  to them. I just can’t.

May be it was in my destiny to let them go. So I never ever feel bad and especially after some frequent confessions of some dirty losers I feel top of the world. Some times I doubt, maybe it’s again some kind of stupid bait they are planning for me or may be they are humans. Well, it’s all destiny.


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