Tuesday, May 3, 2011

judging and loving drama

I always talk about this. I always say that we should never judge anyone on anything but i am helpless. I make mistakes and sometimes this sin of judging others is committed again and again.

I am surprised to see this human tendency . I guess its like an addiction. Well judging does not mean that we are blaming anyone or pointing out the demerits of anyone . It can also be in a good way.

Well let us say " positive comments" . when we start judging we do it very perfectly and it happens suddenly . The whole process comes so quickly in seconds . May be our brain is the one who is doing all these activities but we are so wrong.

Its our heart. As we all are busy in our own perfect fairy world. we want things to workout as we want them too. We just cannot see anything against us. whatever we dream or think nice , we want that. we never think that this is a world and here things do not work out according to us.

Its a surprising fact that whenever we see any good looking human being. It can be a boy or girl , a man or woman , a child or any old person. we assume that beauty is perfect and it can never do anything wrong. We attach that beautiful human being in our thinking and soon that beautiful human becomes a very important part of our fairy world.

why we do this?

anyone can answer this but they never answer , instead they love drama. They want drama and they get it . whenever our expectations are back stabbed , we get drama and then we say " I'M LOVING IT" ...

why? again this question is coming towards you..why?

why beauty is so powerful ? why we surrender our brain and our practical analysis in front of this ?

we crave for perfection but perfection never exist. Its our stupid and kiddish thinking that compels us in believing and loving the beauty. we never see and try to understand the nature of the person and yeah the ugly folks never get chance to show there talents and there nature because beauty wins every time.

we want that the beautiful human being should act for us and will be the permanent part of our dreams and when we see and look towards that human. we get the opposite. Here we loose because of our so called self assumption and greediness to get everything. well human beings are the most selfish and cruel living creature of this world...


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