Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I wish and regret

I wish

we all wish and our desires and wishes are infinite and innovative. I am pretty sure that everyone has some secret desires which are so different and shocking that you cannot digest.

It’s really hard to get the information about someone’s secret fantasies and desires and dreams. This area of thought lies deep inside and no one can take out any information from any person.

It’s so common that all human beings carry these feelings and besides knowing that this does not exist in the real world, we hope that this fantasy might come true in future.

We have done so many developments and we as a human have achieved a lot but still the word of hope never ends. It is with us and will remain with us. I sometimes think like every other human being that I should work in order to achieve my dream and my fantasy.

Well unreasonable and impossible dreams cannot become reality, they look great in books but in real world, real stuff rocks and as real stuff rocks, it is hard and tough like rocks.

It’s all dependent on us. We are the decision maker of our future and our judgments. As we all have this habit of prejudice, we cannot flourish until we do extreme hard work and quit superstitious thoughts and beliefs.

making wish is very easy but watching them and expecting them to grow is a foolish thought because no matter how good we are , we don’t desire to work , we don’t desire to invest our so called precious time for someone but we desire , only desire and we will invest our whole life in hating others , gossiping , backstabbing , jealousy , pride , ego , vanity , sarcasm and at the end of the day when our life will take a big turn of the giant wheel , we will sit alone and regret. Regret about everything we did and that include our wishes too…

- Pulkit mohan singla

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