Sunday, May 8, 2011



Yeah its 9th may, my birthday and its kind of a special day for me as it is for everyone. Any person will feel like something more than ordinary on this day. Well I always used to love this day when I was a child. I used to make so many resolutions and wishes and commitments and the most favorite part was celebrating it in school and as you all know how much crazy I was for candy and all those sticky junk food.

I always used to get a “HE MAN” as my birthday gift from my family and that was my favorite comic character. I still miss those days, they were awesome. I never knew that how hard life is because for me it was soft and easy like an ice cream and I lived my childhood in the best possible way. It was really incredible and I remember each and every moment.

Things are so changed today. It’s been 9years and I still remember the night my mother died. I don’t know. Things and circumstances really made me so rough and exhausted that I don’t feel anything for anyone. I don’t believe anyone and I don’t want to enjoy. All those party things and stuff like that do not appeal me anymore. The birthday excitement has all gone. Today it’s just a day and nothing else. I am here lying in bed suffering from food poising and feeling pathetic.

Frankly speaking I don’t have any birthday plans and there is no one to celebrate this awful day. Well my family may force me to cut some stupid cake but I just hate that thing because I don’t like to celebrate it in this way. I want some answers to the issues and problems I have and the solution to them will be my treat.


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