Monday, April 18, 2011

my enemies

wow..its really amazing. I still remember the day i started writing..well all i know is it was my birthday and i was too small at that time. I don't even remember what i used to write in my diary but this habit of diary entry was too much and i just cannot leave a single page of my diary.

I just cannot control my expressions and i really need to spit them out. Its been so many days since i wrote any blog. As my loyal readers know the complications in my life and this time it was like hell , you just cannot imagine.

I am a workaholic person and i appreciate and love that quality of mine but my life is too much demanding and its pretty nicely messed up. As you all know i am a straight forward guy and this quality is a sin which makes me rude and it happens every time. I cannot tolerate lie and i just hate the word " FAKE"..I am surprised to see so many fake relations and the ability of people to handle it..

I don't have friends and i like to be alone..thanks to me because i guess finally i am full of myself because i don't need to be fake to myself. I love myself and understand myself completely and i don't depend on people now for any kind of support. Its just so awesome..

I thought as some of my well wishers hate me and back stab me every time , they also hate my stuff and things attached to me like my house , my people or my blog but my absence was really wonderful because i found out so many hidden truths which are tough to digest.

The biggest shock was that my enemies read my blog and they frequently go and browse my profile on social networking site and not only this , they are kind of a fan. Damn it was a great feel to see my enemies desperate nature..finally my honesty compelled some losers to look towards me and devote there time on me as they always used to show that they never care...

i have always wanted peace and i have no vanity and that's the biggest quality i have which motivates me to say sorry to the people i offended but they are super human beings , they think that i am mad because i am apologising again and again and that's life...

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