Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As if i care. I just don't care about what people think about me or say to me. I just don't care. I have faced a lot and seen a lot. And after watching real colours of the people who were so important in my life. I am ready for anything. I have seen worse and i don't care about the picture beyond that. I have nothing which can make me proud .

I am just a normal person who stands no where. I cannot change myself and i just cannot fake things to get attention. I Respect myself and i respect others. I don't need anything else.

I don't look out for anyone and i don't want to impress anyone. I came alone in this world and one day i will die and the days i am living here is my journey towards god. I don't have any confidence and belief left. I am just like a dead body which is living.

After seeing so much i don't expect more and i am glad that my lust is vanished and i am glad that i don't feel desperate for anything. It feels good to be calm and quiet.

I have seen nothing except insult and dishonesty . Don't know whom should i trust and whom should i let go from my life. Now words don't play any role in my life. I cannot come under the word spell. I am just passing the time.


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