Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the so called social acceptance

I don't need that. Yeah its true at some point in some phase. I have always been very diplomatic when it comes to something personal and "talkative" was the tag i am receiving from prenursery.

So , there is no change in it but recently i got a comment from my friend and she told me that i am over friendly. At that moment it felt bad as i was not expecting my friendly nature to be judged and specially in a negative way but anyway i have this sick worm in my head that i always think about the issues happening in my life on daily basis and i started giving that a thought.

I was observing myself and was trying to know myself more and more and specially my impact and what people think of me was my priority. I was always concerned with the results and specially i was always ready to know about myself through others. My nature was taken differently and every person had there own thinking and judgements regarding my nature and they all were so different.

Being positively accepted is the only thing every body looks for and every one wants to be socially accepted and we all are attention seekers, we all seek for social glam and popularity at high level and i am not away from this thought too.

I too wanted to leave a lasting impression but i am a human being and i am not perfect. We all run after perfection and the biggest example of that is beauty. It starts with looks and we all get melt easily by this quality of human beings. Its obvious to get attracted by a good looking guy/girl but that's not it. Everybody is different with different situations and problems.

I cannot ignore my problems and my issues and i cannot get myself trapped and limited to please people. I love myself and my life , no matter how worse it is and i don't believe in changing my nature or anything about me to get that so called friendship and popularity status..

If i try to find out positive side of me , i can. I may be bad for some people but at the same time i am awesome for some people too. so , i cannot criticise myself and i cannot disrespect myself for others.

People are full of negativity and they all commit mistakes and they all are full of imperfections , then why the hell i will keep on blaming myself for others , and those people who will never ever acknowledge my all those attitude owners must get there butts shaved as no one is in good mood to act as a slave

and i cannot be your servant and i cannot be your slave to get your hi or its better to avoid this game , where a bunch of losers gather to gossip about stupid things...its simply a waste of time for me because i cannot smile continuously like a fool on your every immature move. Its better to concentrate on myself to figure out myself more rather than figuring out others life.

so will right more about "the so called social acceptance ", till then get a life folks..


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