Friday, February 25, 2011

watching corruption news and feeling helpless

The so called lasting impression , we get easily in just one watch. No matter how good or bad it is. We never care about what we see . It just seems true every time and things we hear are loud and they are presented to us in such a way that anyone can trust upon them.

Yes you are right i am talking about the stuff we watch everyday through this developed innovative media. I was greatly influenced with it and was always wanted to be a media person.

My goal was to present honesty to the public as its their birth right and i was very desperate to make things good and was eager to see my environment to be perfect and safe but people don't want that and may be they do not deserve it.

We all want things but no body wants to work hard and no body can handle tough life . We all seek for easy ways to make our life perfect but its not possible. One has to sacrifice their comfort to achieve something but there are very rare who understand this fact.

Bad ways are always easy and people opt them without hesitation and its surprising that their parents also encourage them as no body hates money.

I am talking about we all , we all do different kinds of violence everyday ,it may be verbal violence or physical violence but we all digest the bread of anger and hate.

We all love to blame each other , we all love to gossip , we all love to kill each other for our so called infinite unreasonable wants. Man wants to sleep with every woman and want to gain easy ways to get money and glamour, even if they have to bury their loved ones for that. I'm shocked to see this side of human nature. 

In fact whenever i see any scam and corruption news on TV, i don't pay much attention to that because we all are busy in unnecessary stuffs , we never pay attention in knowing things about our environment , we never waste our single minute in discovering any new thing , we never ever use our time in exploring out different things happening in our environment because we all are cropped up by stupid things like lust , greediness , lie , money , sex, anger..etc.

But what people can do ? the thing is that we have better things to worry about than our country. so stay stupid and enjoy the injustice and corruption as it will never stop , thanks to our undesirable wants and our wrong choices..

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