Sunday, February 27, 2011

seriously unaware

I don't know how and when this love comes? Now don't think about one kind of love. I am talking about other kinds of love , i mean pure descent love which happens as we get addicted to our buddies.

I am talking about love in friendship. Hold on what i am talking about?

LOVE in friendship? how this can happen?

can anyone love there friends?

Is there any love between two friends? Or its just a saying..

Well i hardly know any friendship that is existing because of love between friends. We never love our Friends as we never love our relatives. Yep its a hardcore fact. There is very rare case when we love our relatives and our cousins because we are never made like this.

The environment is full of crap and disaster and that is the reason that people love violence and cleverness is worshipped madly and generally we become smart enough to use people in the right and wrong way.

I mean we all love violence and we are designed in such a way that we have this tendency to be aggressive at small things. We want that everything should be according to our planning. We only attach to those friends who dance on our tunes , in other way who are like us. For example if we have cruel thinking then they should also have the same.

Parents advice us to remain in house rather then exploiting and disclosing our personal life with friends but some are smart enough to choose those people as friends who are really big in terms of money off course. The reason behind this is naturally we are taught to talk to those who can give us something in return. In other words its a give and take.

The thing is there is no love , only business and business.

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