Thursday, February 24, 2011

long nights

I hate these long nights. whenever i listen to sexy songs , i get crazy and the so called urge makes me feel helpless. I just wish that someone special should take my love and take my soul.

I cannot help it. This is the time when nobody is in control and i hate this stress i am handling everyday. Damn i hate puberty , lot of pimples , restlessness , need , want and lust is on highest level of time.

I cannot control myself and my thoughts get wild every second. I think dirty and i see dirty , i always try to control my desires by involving myself in work but in every day you cannot help out.

I know there are so many options available but i hate casual sex theory , its just a simple unsafe method of exploiting yourself and telling the world that how desperate you are.

I crave for passion , dedication , presence , madness ,possessiveness and care in sex. All these things are only given by a partner and not by a sex buddy.

I know one thing that i have lost my heart and i am trying to figure out the best method to satisfy myself. I hate masturbating too , its just waste and it increases my urge rather than making me calm and composed.

Well problems and responsibilities are my hobbies and i am done with them and now i need some pleasure and i really wish to get a partner soon who will love me deeply and madly like insane lovers , i know it sounds stupid but believe me its good to be stupid . I don't see anything right now because i am on fire , seriously single ready to mingle. I have marriage plans but i want to try living relationship too, lets see where my search ends.

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