Tuesday, January 25, 2011

unexpected result

I am really feeling very sad and shocked. I know you all know that every time i face some or the other difficulty but cant help it. Life was never easy for me and may be for anyone. It looks nice and pretty but its deeply unattractive for sure.

As you know i was never serious about anything but life made me serious and all my jolly nature vanished. I took time to change myself but the change was important. Generally it happens a lot with lot of people.

Someone told me that its important to change yourself according to the environment to survive , otherwise you will extinct and that was true but a difficult challenge. Being someone else and forgetting who you are is not an easy job. It requires lot of strength for sure and the environment itself helps us to make that decision and we do make it happen by learning things gradually.

Well , talking about my learning. I learnt something shocking. well , it may be easy , it may be okay for some but for me it was a nightmare and i had to digest it like a Sunday morning meal.

The word expectation is now no more in my life but as a human being i expect but don't worry i am trying my best to avoid this word. What i read in books is no where is this world.

Honest people are considered dumb and honesty is simply like an alien .I have hardly seen anyone who is completely honest. Hard working people are judged by inefficient people and they are misguided.

All the motivation and strength goes in dustbin after getting negative rewards again and again. Criticism makes us feel guilty , politics has ruined everyone , selfishness is everywhere ,anger is on larger scale, love is disappeared but lust is the powerful king.

Then what we got? nothing.

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