Sunday, January 23, 2011

just stop

Just stop it. We often talk to our self and in fact on every level and in every way. Some of you may not know this quality of yours but it does happen a lot with me. I talk to myself and i discuss and make out a plan of my future ideas and goals with myself and then i say just stop it as i see that what i thought and felt in my imaginary dream world and whatever i tasted was my thinking only and it was not reality.

In this difficult world , we all are ruining after perfection by ignoring our imperfections . Its a basic trend and like a normal person i also had this phase of stalking those who look perfect and we assume them to be perfect besides knowing deep inside that no body is perfect.

Something which is perfect does not exist except god. God is perfect and we all know that. We never focus on the weakness and impurities and no one tries to solve them as the old ancient excuse dominates and that is no time.

we have no time to change our self but i don't know how we generate time to change others and we get plenty of retakes but still we all manage to gossip as it is the main and most important part of life today.

In every field and in every thing , jealousy and gossip goes hand in hand and this feature has ruined so many people and the hardworking victims remain silent and confused for the rest of there life.

There are some type of people who work extremely hard and there work speaks but cruel intentions of jealous freaks disturb there professional environment and force them to be like them.

Hard work give results but very late and specially in this era where working smart and beg , borrow or steal is the main job of heartless people and guess what these heartless , self centred , inhuman freaks are worshiped.

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