Sunday, January 30, 2011

i hope you understand

why we become sensitive to things?

well i do become sensitive on lot of things and towards lot of issues. Its nice to feel things deeply but this quality becomes hectic in daily life. It happens a lot.

Many people come in our life and knowingly and unknowingly we gain some qualities and lessons from them. I have always been very sensitive and i hated this fact of mine and still i am very sensitive towards everything. If people say something to me , i feel it and the feeling is strong enough to make me feel awful.

Every one look out for good and we all love good results like i also look out for good feedback rather than any negative result but no matter how hard we try or how good we are , still we get bad results. Yes , unexpected ones which make us feel to think why?

Those who say that " I am Practical" are just throwing a fake spell as no one is practical . This urbanised and fast environment has made us efficient in lying effectively .

We all are humans and we all are full of emotions and we all need love and care and support but still we show that we are away from these things and we are hard enough to digest the complex situations offered by this environment but this never happens. Even the stronger is weak at some point and even a weak is stronger at some point. No matter how much we try , we never become perfect as we are not god.

I tried a lot to become cold and i wanted to make myself a changed person who does not feel anything for anyone but what can i do? its out of my hands. I am not programmed to change my soul. I can try to change my body or my style but soul remains always the same and it will be the same . No matter how good or bad i am for anyone.

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