Friday, December 10, 2010

feeling emotionally week

Its hurting and its unbelievable too.I am not emotionally stable and strong person and that's why i am not happy. The times i have spent in my childhood are just beautiful and besides so many problems , my parents gave me a healthy childhood and i am really thankful to them for being so excellent towards me.

They focused on each and every thing and they never let me suffer. From my favourite food to clothes to video games to unlimited toys. They bought everything for me.

I still remember i was crazy for cars and at that time toy cars were there of various car models and they were just awesome. I had every damn car model and it was more cool when i used to win in car racing games which i used to play with my sister and friends.

I didn't knew how much pressure my parents are handling but i was always ready for a new wish and every time they made it real without saying no. I just cannot forget what they did for me and the love they gave me. No one in this entire world can love me like that.

Sometimes when we grow up and become adult, we forget what our parents did for us and this materialistic world makes us so selfish that besides being mean to the world , we also become mean towards our parents.

we forget that they are the only person who we can trust upon and we start this fake journey of trusting outsiders . Most common trustworthy outsider award is given to girlfriends and boyfriends and just because our body need is fulfilled , we forget those who are the reflection of god.

No one has seen god but we believe in him and we remember god in our difficult times besides knowing that we are not sure that god is there or not. we should be thankful to our parents because they are the only one who are fully responsible for our identity and our living status here because they are those who gave birth to us.

No girlfriend and no boyfriend can be so much selfless like parents. No one can understand us like parents but we are so much involved into tempting lust that we forget everything in seconds and these girlfriend and boyfriend looks like an angel to us. How stupid is that?

your girlfriend or boyfriend can ditch you for someone else but your parents never ditch you for other child. Just remember that before showing attitude to your parents and the time you spent in pleasing your lovers, just try once to spent that time on your parents and you will surely feel something that will make you realise that who is your real wealth? your parents or your lovers..

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