Sunday, December 5, 2010

do u really trust astrology?

I was and i am and i will be a strong believer of astrology. This was my statement 2 years ago and i was acting blind because i knew nothing except astrology . I just loved it and thought that it is the only source which can create peace in my life.

From rings to lockets to various things , i tried a lot and expected the astrology to work for me and luckily it was working to some extent. There was some moment when things were so close to me and i could feel them and suddenly situations became easy for me and people who once hated me were no more angry with me and my belief became so strong that i saw nothing then. I knew that only astrology and astrologers are my only world and my key to success.

I didn't knew that why i was allowing this orthodox belief to dominate me completely.Besides being practical i was being stupid. I know that this works but not completely and when i realised that fact , it was late but i knew that i have the backup to this issue .

I remember that some astrologers used to say things that were unbelievable even for me and i was living a fairy tale life . They made an artistic background for me and asked me to live my life according to it and i was thinking that may be they are right.

I am surprised that why we all get our self engaged in this game?

I know to some extent astrology also works but trusting it blindly can cause strange results and even ruin your life. Hard work is the only way to get what we desire. Getting things and getting works done easily through various astrology techniques works only sometimes not always and its better to realise it as soon as possible.

Some even told me that you can be a king and some even told me that i was this or that in my past life . I don't know i am completely confused about this. Should i trust these people or should i listen to my heart?

I decided a simple method and that is work and work without any expectations of results and i will hold my ambitions and give them a break because they never let me achieve what i want because every time i spent my most of the time thinking about them and this constant thinking put me in these beliefs. So i said to myself " DEAR PULKIT ! DO NOT TRUST ANYONE AND JUST TRUST YOURSELF AND WORK HARD AND LEAVE EVERYTHING ON DESTINY" lets see my own guidance to myself works or not.

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