Wednesday, December 8, 2010

crossing the limits

when we all cross the limits , we feel nice from inside at some point. Just think about it once in your life. Do you feel nice? Off course it feels good because we say what we have buried in our heart since so long and finally it came out.

In this big fake world , we are connected to everyone and intentionally and unintentionally we have tendency to hurt and get hurt due to various reasons. The most common reason of hurt is sex and money and these two needs can make anyone mad.

And that crossing of limits may be verbal or physical , who knows? It clearly depends on the circumstances , your background , beliefs , education and various other factors.

I have seen some of my friends who are very well educated but when it comes to the nature , they are worse than any animal. People get so wild to fulfill there needs that all the humanity is buried deep in seconds. No one cares and no one feel to ever think once that what they are doing? and why they are doing? I am afraid that if things go like this , we will be worse than animals.

Its such a powerful time that the nonliving stuff has made living people crazy and they all are killing each other for these nonliving things and in the fight of two , one of the soldier becomes a nonliving thing.

Today things are so worse that not only outsiders but the insiders cross there limits in such a way that they target each and every weakness they can and boom we all get stressed and the hurting phase is seriously remarkably strong enough to ruin us completely from the bottom of our heart.

Not only this crossing limits is a small and easy step today , no matter how much you have given into any relationship, nothing is counted but your one mistake will be enough to make them cross there limits and they show there true colours.

We often think and assume a kind of behaviour about specific person and when we see and meet someone nice , we get so trapped in there innocence that we cannot ever think negative about them but it happens a lot when these nice people make us realize that there is no love and no trust in this life. We just need to be alert to survive and trusting anyone is seriously a big mistake.


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