Friday, December 3, 2010

marriages , drama , showoff and corruption..must read

Seriously i hate weddings and when i get any invitation , i am so full of excuses to avoid them.

Marriages are not my cup of tea and the drama created in the families who get the invitation is seriously more worse than any boring movie. Everybody just pretend like bride and groom and they get dressed like clowns. 

And specially when family becomes judgmental in case of your dressing style and the most difficult part is lot of time gets wasted in dressing and discussing as we all want to look the best , as i said earlier like a groom or bride or may be better than them.

Today these wedding garden system is simply not much appealing and i hate to go and become the part of such a huge crowd where people act like a prisoner who got food after years.

Some people just pretend to be reserved but are a complete  foodie that they get so involved in eating that they dominate the whole eating area by pushing other people . They grab and cover the food stalls with their so called mouth and tummy as they are ready to take out the output of there input 

All these gardens are fully crowded as its a wedding but they are seriously like kids party. Another funniest part is a place at the corner which is allotted to the  DJ and nobody dances on the dj floor except small kids and boom suddenly girls come in crowd and dance. No no what i am saying? they really dance? lol. Its something else and guys behave like they have stepped on the DJ first time in there life by being hyperactive at dance floors.

The whole concept is strange. There are some people who will tell you in advance while giving the wedding card to you  that the garden owner is charging Rs.800 per plate..Oh my god..blah blah blah..Its so stupid of them to tell that. If you are inviting anyone , then why the hell you are mentioning the price per plate? If you do not have guts to pay , then do not invite. That's what i wanted to say to a person who invited me in his sisters wedding but i ignored it and consumed that beautiful frank thought in my stomach. seriously its better to pursue for court marriage instead of these stupid time and money wasting garden marriages.

The strange fact is , i have also seen some marriages where some jerks play guns in air at the wedding to show there so called love to groom and bride and to show there so called bravery. God i hate those abnormal maniacs. They are the freaks who put innocent peoples life in danger and nobody objects that.

Next is crackers ,damn seriously they are the biggest pollution creators but whomsoever has a wedding at there home, they become so busy in celebrating that they never look how much crackers they are playing. Even a shop full of crackers is less for these kind of freaks.

The problem is why these methods are only visible to us ?when we want to celebrate there can be better ways than guns and crackers off course.

Some useless freaks even encroach the roads to do there wedding ceremonies without even taking any permission. They not only cause trouble to the people by creating traffic jams but also harm the road by drilling holes in the road for fixing tents . Moreover food mess , eatable plastic utensils and dirt which is left after that is horrible and these are the people who are also responsible for the untidiness of our country.

Its a shame that we never look upon these small things which need so much attention at the time of wedding. we get so involved in our self that we never care that we also have some responsibility towards our society and  nature as we all are selfish but don't worry this selfish attitude will never change  and no one is concerned about others. 

well marriages are made in heaven but there preparation is done on earth which is surely in the most disgusting way.

The day people will start considering efforts of others and will start caring about others property , that day our country will be free from every kind of living corruption.

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