Monday, November 29, 2010

no need

Seriously no need . I feel no need to inter fare in any one's business. Its a great decision which i took after experiencing drastic results since a long time. I always had this bad habit of pointing out and i was always ready to come forward to give advice or to correct others without noticing my imperfections.

I feel no shame in accepting my weakness and my mistakes. It gives me courage and it builds confidence in me. Its surprising but i admit my mistakes happily and i enjoy when people guide me in right direction.

It feels sad because lot of people take my words in wrong way. If i am advising something for good , it is generally ignored and people feel that i am egoistic or i have attitude. Its strange but it happens a lot in my case. I sometimes ask myself
" why the hell i say anything to help others?"

Every time i am labelled as a bad person by those also who are worse than bad. The thing is its a basic human nature to point out things which they find incorrect. It can be your weight or your looks or it can be about your job or your choices or your loved ones. We all are full of excuses and reasons to guide and to change others without changing our self for sure.

But luckily these qualities are ignored and accepted if money is involved. Money is the god for sure because money makes us do what we never thought and it also forces us to accept what we get from those who feed our ego and our self respect by money and the biggest example of that is your boss. No matter "how much bad he is? or how much good you are ?" . we all listen to them and respective people falling in that category.

In this imperfect world . our countless time is wasted in running after perfection and we keep on focusing on the minute details which people never need and no matter how much hard we try to give the best, its all considered ordinary.

but the race of being extraordinary never ends. pointing out and sarcasm are the tools to show to others that we are better but this sarcasm leads to arrogant attitude that no one likes and we never feel that we offended anyone because we haven't faced what we said.

Seriously there is no need. No need to put our self in these things. Its better to look upon the most important need and that is making our self a better human..


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