Thursday, November 4, 2010

lust unlimited

what to do? we all are ruining after things and we call it our need and suddenly the need changes into want and want into lust. we always get fascinated by money and always be because money is something which gives happiness and the happiness is something we crave for. Its seems simple and justified but its not.

we have started this journey of earning money and we are consuming our life in running after money.

All what i said above seems bookish. right? yeah i wrote it in that manner to make you feel bore. The logic behind this is that we know all this and we all are very well matured enough to understand what does this mean to us. Even a school going kid will know the meaning of lust.

Its so strange that we are working constantly in our jobs and our individual lines and goals and trying hard every single day to win by hook or by crook and this motivation is coming from the lust.

There are some merits of lust too , in fact sometimes i see this lust as the most beautiful and remarkable stuff. Yeah i am calling it as stuff because for me it is a stuff that encourages me to work hard to get what i want and to reach my goal in every possible phase. Damn i guess i worship it.

I observed one thing , the meaner you become , the nicer you are called and the nicer you become , the meaner you are called. The thing is this world is full of culprits and bad people and seeing someone nice and honest is like seeing an alien.

Its so unusual thing that besides carrying lust about different things , we manage our lust list so finely that we never ever loose any point in that and automatically our body works in such a way that we never hamper any goal or task which fulfills our lust.

Nobody is dumb , no one. everybody is smart and clever. Some show they are and some show they are not. Its just game and we all are playing it.we never decide our lust list because it increases day by day and it has infinite pages that are multiplying day by day easily with amazing speed.

Its amazing how we carry our self , being human and being the most powerful animal of the animal kingdom ,we can achieve what we want and desire only if we have this lust and it happens. Nobody educates us this way and this language , we learn it by our self.

we super humans work and achieve what we desire by all bad means and by all the things which are regarded as a big no no in the book of morals but we do it as we are humans.

I guess and i am pretty sure , other animals of the animal kingdom are better than us as they are true to there soul and we are .....? who we are? even our soul cant predict..that's real humans and they are only and only perfect in all dirty and bad jobs showing and proving them selves as the good and the best est of all..simply again because of this stuff "LUST"...


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