Monday, November 8, 2010

just forget it he will never understand

Really just forget it. Its hard to make him understand . He knows and still he ignores. Yeah i am talking about my father. He is so deeply attached to his brothers that he let them do whatever they want. They regularly insult him , they back stab him , they laugh at him , they have given fucking labels to him and to me and my sister and to my mother who is no more in this world.

Its really surprising that these uncles have also given threats to my father and still my father ignore those things and run after them. He is always ready to help them again and again and still after so many problems and barriers we have faced because of my uncles, my father doesn't give a shit to that things and he is crazy for them.

He says that they are my brothers and i will help them and love them , till the last day of my life. It really makes me wonder that why he do not care about his kids? His brothers are of much more importance than anyone else? and when he knows that they hate him and they insult him besides the fact that they all are younger than him and he is like worshiping them.

I got three uncles and none of them is much educated. They never cared for us. My mother died when i was a kid and its been 7yrs now after her death but no one came to even see weather we are alive or dead and whenever they get in trouble they call my father and he obeys there orders like a good slave. I am getting sick by this. I don't care. I know that my life is so challenging now because of this. I have lost millions of opportunities because my stupid relatives inter fare and my father encourages them for that.

I guess where i am standing right now , its not a good place and still i have to live with it. I guess i am born to be ruined.

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