Saturday, November 20, 2010

i hate jealous freaks

I always believed in working hard. I never cared and thought about any other thing and i simply hate shortcuts. I always got this thing in mind that we get good points and good results by working hard.

You can say its a child thinking but from my childhood i have been taught to work hard to get things. I always sacrificed my comfort to get things and no body taught me the ideas and shortcuts as i am the strong believer of honesty and loyalty.

In today's language the person like me is called dumb because people are smart and they believe in working smart, not hard and shortcuts . And they know every cut short way to success. Even when if that way is exploiting and humiliating the people.

I was always good at art and everybody took advantage of that. My classmates used me and i was stupid that i was helping them rapidly even when they laugh at me at my back.

I observed that some people are so good and like a sweet heart but in reality they are evil and thanks to my luck that i got 90% of people like that.

I never knew that jealousy could make them so evil that they will forget every moral and they will get so dirty by playing extremely dirty. My so called friends focused on my weakness.

They always used those emotional things, most of my friends knew that i lost my mother in childhood and they were so mean and heartless that they used this thing to get there jobs done.

Not even this there parents helped them in this game by saying things like" OH I AM ALSO LIKE YOUR MOTHER" or " DON'T FEEL ALONE , YOU CAN COME HERE ANYTIME" or BLA BLA BLA.

Seriously people are so greedy today and jealousy is like there soul. I know many of my friends hate me like hating ghost but they are still attached to me because some knew that they could get any construction benefit , some could get any artwork free or can get other opportunities and some can snatch money by that same old emotional Drama.

Its tough to determine that who is fake and who is genuine and specially when some faces are too innocent and luckily girls also equally participate in this. I have many girl friends who are just ready to ruin me but they are playing silently , its like a cold war but i am completely clueless and helpless in this matter.

I Don't know whom should i trust . I am very surprised that some female friends are doing there best efforts to ruin me because they are jealous from head to toe. They think about me round the clock and they try to screw me by creating controversies and by exploiting my name .

Damn can jealousy make someone so evil? and these jealous jerks and jealous sluts are enjoying as they knew that i am in a complicated position and difficulties are coming like wind, thanks to these jealous freaks. They are unhappy by my happiness . I just wish that all those who hate me and are jealous from me are idiots and they should go to HELL.

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