Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i appologise

Cant help it. Tired. I don't have any more energy left to see the corruption and inhuman behaviour. It seems strange but i cant help it. I just cant see violence and you can say i love peace and i believe in changing the things in a sophisticated and right manner and that right manner is through hard work and help and doing every task considering the morals.

We all believe in taking shortcuts and wrong ways is our favourite path because they are always easy. Yep ! they are enjoyable too. No body cares for consequences today thanks to technology and so called urbanisation.

we are really not so evil but in pretending as an evil and taking up the challenges cleverly made us evil in reality and we are left with nothing except the fake identity and then we live with that identity.

Sometimes i miss the things i read in books. Damn i hope that at some point and at least in some form the bookish language is left in the world. I crave for it because what i read is not visible in this world.

All those good things seems dramatic and all those bad things seems so real. Its really surprising that everywhere and in every point there is nothing except corruption and violence.

we all believe in winning the things through violence and people are winning. The weaker is considered cheap and people feel proud in hurting and they show like they are eating the bread of hard work.

This unrealistic world is based on materialistic things and sex and money. Today crime happens in seconds. The thing is how someone get the courage and need and want to commit such horrible crimes.

I guess they think that committing crime and getting things and fulfilling needs through cruel ways is easy and on the other hand getting them through hard work and honesty is a real tough job.

I know a good and honest man cant survive for long because the world doesn't let him live

but then why these corrupt people worship god?

when they knew that whatever they are doing is wrong and they are hurting the creatures made by god then how they get guts to face that god?

how they ask shamefully for more money and things to god?

how they got the power to do the drama in front of the public that they are religious?

Its terrible and i feel so uncomfortable when i see these faces, its unappealing to me that honest and simple person is considered dumb and undeserving.

I was always called stupid because i was not clever. Thanks to this ugly world and specially to those people who made my life tough and miserable, i learnt little secrets to at least act cleaver so that i couldn't get hurt but i hate this side also, I lost lot of my friends who were like me just simple and honest.

I really wish to apologise to them because i measured every friend on one scale and i forgot that there could be some people like me also.

Anyway i just want you to progress in your life but please leave the path of violence and you will definitely win and moreover you will never feel guilty. It seems bookish but try it at least for some months and you will see a change in you and in people who are connected to you.

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