Tuesday, November 2, 2010

bargaining with whom?

Its a shame that we all pretend to be good but in reality we are selfish backstabbing people. We only see our side and we are ready to cut out the resources of others.

Just imagine if you go to any shop , you will definitely bargain and sometimes our expectation..oh no not sometimes but every time our expectations and our lust towards the bargaining thing increases and it increases so much that we wish to take that thing free of cost.

we never see and acknowledge the efforts and profit of the shopkeeper. Everyone has a family and everyone needs money and that's why they work but we only see our life and our family.

I just don't understand the fact that why we fight on small things with poor shopkeepers?

the thing is we do not have guts to fight with the big shop owners on different things and we never bargain but in case of poor shopkeepers like floweriest , or fruit and vegetable seller and other stuff, we get crazy to take out that profit from his/her pocket.

We never see and think about his/her life. Its a basic fact we always try to dominate the weaker section of the society. No matter how much educated we are , we just talk so rudely to poor people and we forget all our manners and it happens because those people are not having money and we are having that thing.

I always used to feel about this thing and everyone called me stupid , they say that "why you care about these people? Just ignore them. "Damn we all are so mean.

we worship god and we hate the creatures made by god and this ignorance and this attitude all is gifted to us by money. Money is not bad but we have given too much importance to it.

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