Sunday, October 17, 2010

please dont get obssesed

Its obvious when we are nothing , everybody hates us and counts us on zero level. Its really important to be something to survive in this world otherwise we would get extinct. A better paying job is not just satisfying , specially in today's era.

We are running for fame and specially our base line which builds this fame lust is Television and the unnecessary popularity created by media and we just get crazy. I can bet we will not be so happy in meeting god , like we get damn crazy and happy when we see any movie star.

I really laugh on this kiddish behaviour we all have. Seriously its so strange , don't you think?
Everybody is perfect at there part. Suppose we are good and successful in our particular job for example in manufacturing and we meet these stars , will they get hyper excited like us? Simply not.

Then why the hell we get insane? Just because they are constantly visible on TV and magazines and newspapers. Or we get crazy by there looks and physique. I can show you more than ten times better looking and in perfect shape people who are normal and living an ordinary life.

Acting is there job and they are getting payed for it that's it and you are entertained and its not a one or two person effort, its the whole setup , from small to big to ordinary to extraordinary , to makeup man , to camera man to producer to director and even the CHAI WALA is involved in the film.

But we give whole credit to the actors. We never acknowledge the trainers, dancers , there teachers who teach them to do right thing at right time. This world is very strange and people living in that are more of dreamy types .

Even those who pretend to be practical are dreamy and we always love to see what we desire and that stuff never works in real life and if we work hard to make it work in our real life then we had to face stupid and quite horrible results.

Its strange fact but i really admit one thing to you here is that never compare your life with someone else life. I really made millions of mistakes in my life and when i see them i get upset and i don't want you to face those complex situations where you don't have any way out.

I always compared my life with others and specially these movie stars and i used to say to myself : "SEE THERE LIFE IS SO PERFECT , DESIGNER CLOTHING , LOT OF ENDORSEMENTS , THEY ARE JUMPING ON MONEY BEDS, UNSTOPPABLE FAME , THEY CAN GET ANYONE , AND BLAH BLAH BLAH."

I was always restless , i never compared my difficult times with there times , i just wanted results but i was so wrong. I have not right to criticize myself and i should really respect myself because what i have done for myself and for my family in particular circumstances , may be i did less but still i am far more better than the whole world.

I know like everyone , i too desire for money and fame and till some extent they provide happiness but ignoring my family for this was not digestable at all. it was a tough decision because these materialistic and social tempting baits have a high magnetic effect that attracts terribly and you really forget what you are for and for whom you are here and who are connected to you and what these things matter to you???????

You completely get lost. So , its better to stay alone in a room for a while and think that why i am here? Do i really need this? Or its just another stupid phase that is taking me towards a path where i am just selfish , that's it . A silly selfish freak who is least bothered about anyone.

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