Monday, October 25, 2010

No more ego

You might be thinking that why its my favourite common topic. Well i am against this word and i hate egoistic people and i hate it so much that nothing else is bad in front of my eyes. I have suffered a lot because of this and earlier i never believed in ego but i didn't new that its such a horrible parasite that you never know when anyone could ruin you.

Its a fact that if you are talented some people will acknowledge your talent but a big majority will hate you. As you start your journey to reach on top , you get less friends and more enemies.

No body can digest food by seeing your achievements. no body and specially those who are from same field. In fact the competition level is rising so high that our souls get activated by drinking jealousy liquid.

From inside we know that who is better than us and we also know about our self and we admit that we are deserving and may be not desesrving but still we foolishly fight.

I know that we work hard to get something and when we do not get desired results, we get irritated and we just get so pissed off that our temper rises like anything and we forget our morals , behaviour , social attitude , friendship.

Everything is disappeared in a second and we just get involved in screwing up the things. we never see or try to understand that what was the weakness that lead to this result.

Its a non denying fact that many factors are involved in our fall. Sometimes we do so well at work but still we fail , its surprising but it happens. Yeah you know the hidden devil behind your loss. The ego.

Just get alert your friends may not be your friends. Friendship is a common word used by people to get information and to get help and once your classmates got a conclusion that you are more talented than them then the game begins and they start creating difficulties in your work area by forming a group and once you are targeted then they start playing dirty.

There first step is to give wrong information and bad impression about you to your teachers. As a golden rule says that unity wins. so they apply that rule and screw you by spitting dirty about you and even if you are innocent you are treated and tagged as culprit.

Despite having a good impression on teachers and faculty , you are labelled as a bad person and as there are lot of people who are against you , so the teachers also get against you.

They never think the other side. They never think that may be this person is right at his/her place. they just follow the majority and you get yourself in trouble. well , it happens in every field.

I have always been good at art and i was used again and again for it. whenever anybody has work related to art , they used to treat me so well and use sweet words and gestures and after there work is done , they ditch me proudly and look i am so mad that despite knowing there ugly intentions , i help them again and again.

My father always told me to help others and as we got this life , we should consume it in being a helping hand to everyone. So that when we will die , we will have a good list of our good works and small list of our bad works. I always followed that and got myself fooled by people because they believe in fuck and forget. Don't worry i am ready to handle worst possible attitudes of people because i cant cheat my soul by being a parasite. I cant use anyone for getting my work done and i dont know buttering. I am a straightforward guy who does not believe in harming anyone for the satisfaction of ego. No matter how much i need to sacrifice to let everyone realise that ego is not a luxury but its a sin which creates barriers.

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