Wednesday, October 20, 2010

huge ego

I am a down to earth person and i always wanted to learn new and new stuff, even when its not related to my field. I guess its good to learn things as they help a lot in our day to day life. Its also an interesting fact that we learn so many stuff from our parents and environment that we know about it so well that we further do not need any guidance for it but what happens if we get to read that stuff in shape of books?

The first reaction which comes in our mind is not surprising because we already know it but we express it in shape of excitement and some times super excitement and that excitement builds our confidence so much that we get sure on each and every point and if some how there is something different written in the book that is opposite of what we learnt , then we get excited and aggressive to prove our self the right one and its been seen that in most of the cases we are so right and sometimes books also favour us but is this extra knowledge which we have is digestible for all?

For all means our classmates and teachers. Well , no class mate likes this fact that there classmate is better and different and extra favoured by his/her teachers for his/her extra knowledge and talent.

Even your best friends will never acknowledge your work and talent. As we all are dipped into jealousy cream so we see nothing accept our self and please i always say to you one thing , don't get emotionally connected to anyone as no one is your friend and specially on work area. Its impossible because i have faced it. People generally pretend to be your friends so be alert.

I am very extrovert and this nature really helps me to build a good relationship with world and i know whats going on in this world so i am always ready for discussion on any damn topic.

This quality was good for me but in most of the cases it became a negative quality. There are lot of people who believe that no body can stand in front of them and they want to listen only there tones and also they have a secret wish that the world and its people should dance on the tones of them and to fulfill these ugly and cruel selfish dreams , they build a thinking in mind and a plan that they will always dominate and will impose there things and there views on public and they seek who can be the one first as there target.

So as starters they choose weak audience like students. Students are the best meals for some teachers to claim there so called ego . These types of teachers pretend that they are the most intelligent people in the history of universe and the students are the duffers of the globe and if they get in touch with any smart student ,BOOM they erupt like a volcano and they forget there morals , there education , there humble behaviour and they turn into a stupid monster who is just ready to eat the student and his/her future and give that bait to there so called unnecessary and deeply unattractive ego by failing the student.

Its a shame that they give importance to there ego and they consider ego above knowledge. Teachers should encourage the students to get these extra information on various topics and if some how a student knows about something. He/she should get more opportunities and rewards by teachers but in this world corruption , lust , jealousy and ego gets uplifments and promotions day by day and honesty , knowledge , urge to learn things , education lust are all getting vanished.

Today teachers are more like professionals , there is a lack of bonding. No teacher is ready to understand there students . well , teachers are not always as fault as the school and college owners and faculty are busy in adding students to fetch more and more money. They are least bothered about the fact that the teacher is capable of handling so many students or not.

Its a world where every thing goes well by money. People get admission through donation . They get passed through bribe. They pay extra and get there attendance covered up and other lots of favours which requires money. So this shows that there is less concentration towards encouraging education but more concentration towards running after money as they worship money.

That's why we have very less percentage of discoveries and we are just importing technology because we do not have time to invest in education otherwise we can build our own machines with high technology. I just wish that egoistic teachers should leave there ego and through that in dustbin and should encourage students and teach them in such a way that they will have a urge to get knowledge and they will prefer education lust and put less concentration on body lust.

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