Thursday, October 7, 2010

cash the good looks

Good looks are either natural or created. Any how if they are present then they can be cashed. well we never know how many tools we are gifted by god to survive and win. we always get jumbled in thinking and planning.

we never consider our self and we just perform well on thinking task by assuming that things are perfect in our dreams but in reality they are ugly and complicated. I never payed much attention towards myself.

I was the child who was totally overloaded with responsibilities and expectations. can you believe that i was forced and asked for marriage at the age of 17 but thank god i was able to convince my relatives to leave me alone and i am so thankful to my father that he supported my decision i don't know how but he did supported.

The thing is , i knew that i wont be selected for marriage thing because i didn't made myself that boyfriend or husband type and i was a typical emotional eater and still i am.

whenever i am upset , delicious food is my only companion that tells me " RELAX PULKIT THE WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL AND TASTY LIKE US, SO ENJOY" and i used to feel top of the world. Even many restaurant owners now know me so well because there shops are running because of me to some extent.

Damn i hate my this habit i want to change myself and i want to make right choices but cant help it. circumstances are against me. I even joined a gym and i managed to go only for 6 days and payed whole month fee. i know its my stupidity but dont got time and sometimes it was hard to follow that stupid diet they gave to me and every day is passing just like that.

Family wants me to obey them and do whatever is pleasing to them and here i am running behind my dreams and ignoring them to little extent. As this generation gap makes them more powerful and they have capacity to dominate me as they are elder and again parents win you know that fact of life.

They think that man can be rough and untidy but with an ability to earn money but i believe that men also has got right to look good and perfect but how can i convince them?

They used to boost by saying " when i was of your age , i had ability to digest every junk and you act like an older guy by watching your each and every intake.

lets get real at that time there were no means but today we have all those materials that provide us comfort but who have power to argue with parents? the biggest problem is that parents show there love by feeding and sometimes over feeding and i am also a culprit here that cant boycott this high calorie foods.

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