Thursday, October 14, 2010

bad ass ego

we all are egoistic people but some people carry there ego's on there head and they worship it like anything. I have always been in touch with these silly mind suckers who always want to be considered and always seek people who are innocent in other language (DUMB).

Today a nice person is defined as dumb because these greedy plastic egoistic selfish evil people use them with pleasure and they don't give a shit to there efforts and acknowledgement is a gone case for them and they are not even interested in offering a thank you.

In fact about 90% people are like that and i observed it . No matter how much attitude you throw , you know that you are not like that. I know everybody believes in showbiz and everybody does that and in fact i am also a strong believer of showbiz but when you get involved into that too much. You start pretending that whatever you say or do is not wrong and you want everything should be acceptable and you just cant hear "no".

By showbiz i not only mean clothes and style, i mean everything from your personality to your education to your background and also your contacts and friend circle.

This ego problem is very popular in schools and colleges. Teachers are busy in proving themselves as the best and they have a mindset that students are like models who do not have right to argue or speak anything accept listening. Schools and colleges work pressure is passed on to faculty and then to students. In lot of cases we are involved in doing college works free of cost and we as a student are used as slaves and even we get scolded for that. I know all the teachers are not bad but some have that bad habit of pretending themselves as a king or queen and they want that students should act like slaves.

I really have seen that period and when my friends shared there horrible experiences , i just couldn't stop myself in writing this blog. I know helping in school functions and work is good but do any teacher care that you have eaten anything or not? do they give a shit to your efforts? do they care about you or your work? do they preserve your charts or craft work?

The answer is a big "NO". Well , i have always helped and took part is different functions and jobs . It really feels good to do something but what you deserve is not considered important. Every body is selfish and we as a student expect because we do efforts and we need something which can encourage us to do more and even better in future.

No student is hungry for trophy or medal or any certificate. A student scoring 60 will also be considered pass and a student scoring 90 will also be considered pass. what we do care is acknowlegment or you can say a moral support , a trust and these things are build by treating every student as same. what you think partiality is not there? you are so wrong , it is there .

Attitudes change and thinking also changes towards you. well , it depends on many factors. Good looks works every time. All the teachers will become good to you if you are good looking and i have seen that in most of the cases. If you are over educated then you are in trouble. No matter how good a teacher is. No teacher can see his/her student having extra knowledge then the teacher. Same problem there ego comes in between and if you are dumb , i mean totally dumb then you are still not a preferred child and if you are moderate then its okay.

The thing is whatever you read in books , let it be in books and don't follow it in real life. If you do that people will use you and through you like a tissue paper and i am the biggest example of that. I always believed in book language and see where i stand. well , not in a very good position. So listen to yourself and do not trust. Mind it , you will save yourself from lot of troubles. thank you.

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