Saturday, September 18, 2010

what the fuck you mean by love?

what the fuck you mean by love? this kind of stuff never exist. I know i am sounding angry but i am justified at my place. I always been a love worshiper.

"Love "

this word is so sexy. Simply amazing you see. It feels so cool to watch this love on TV in shape of love stories. Its like a fairy tale.

don't you think?

i always loved romantic movies and always thought that something like this will happen in my life too but i was just a dreamer , a love stories addict.

can you imagine when i was small i used to think that honey moon means travelling to abroad ,lol ,i was so funny .

I never included sex in love , always used to imagine 2 flowers coming close like it happens in our old time movies ,again i was stupid.

But i was understanding love day by day more seriously in a funny way. I always been very sensitive and i didn't knew how to say NO and whomsoever came to me to connect to my life , i accepted that person not only by heart but by soul and day by day i started getting closer to people who were in my life weather they were school mates or friends or relatives.

I never judged anyone on the basis of money or fame or status or caste , creed ,sex , orientation. I just believed in accepting rather than expecting because i always thought that we get life once and god knows when i will die or you will , then why to waste it in being plastic or egoistic.

My obssesion for adding and accepting people was so high that i bet i have every person of every field and every culture in my friends list.

People asked me that "why you have gay friends ?" or "why you have friends who are
above 50yrs?" or " why you have friends below 10yrs ?"

and other silly questions.

I just love people and i hate isolation and i just want to vanish lonliness from this earth compeletely and i want to know every human being of this earth and i accept that as challenge.

I wish that when i will die , every single person of this world will say " yeah ! I know pulkit , he was a nice guy". i dont know may be i am mad but what the hell , its my hobbie and every body has some passion and i count this as my passion

but i don't know why i took it so seriously?

In this journey i got myself attached to so many people and so seriously that there was no looking back and luckily those people were assholes , they thought that i am obsessed with them or i need something from them.

I respected them and was extremely loyal with emotions off course and they were like taking every thing too casual, it feels bad when some body insults you and do not count your feelings and put them in a garbage box and hit you again and again like playing with a ball and at that time you are trapped in that thing because you love that person..god i was so immature.

why i didn't realized that people really do not deserve that thing and specially over care. I hate my so called humble attitude and my down to earth nature but cant help it.

may be i was not taught to be clever. I always used to complain to my parents that other kids are clever and i am a loser. people use me and i let them do that and still i say to myself that its OK.

it doesn't mean that i am so dumb that i don't know the meaning of sex. well even for sex i guess love is important. I don't know about others because lots of people believe in one night stands or flings but i am not like that. I don't find myself comfortable to sex when i don't know the person.

I am surprised that our country is so advanced today that there are lots of people, not lots , i guess billions of people who don't give a shit towards knowing anyone and jump into bed like a what the fuck is love then..? i guess now you got the answer its just a word , used to have sex or to take advantage in anyway..

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