Wednesday, September 22, 2010

we are mean i know

life is so confusing don't you think? what to do? and what to opt for? cant decide , its confusing. I always chased wrong things and then felt horrible and pathetic , it happens always from childhood. From selection of toys to school to college to partner to clothing to food.

Everything was confusing for me from the start. Its hectic. Today's world is so complicated and demanding. we all need perfection without even noticing our imperfections and it happens in every field. Your teachers and parents expect marks , your girlfriend /boyfriend expects attention , love , commitment , your society expects responsibility , you expect good looks from yourself and a fit body in order to attract more and more

Its just a world of expectation but i say accept but no one listens to that. we are running behind things and these non living things are dominating in our life and making us do whatever they want .

well , i guess its a pay back time of those things , sounds funny don't you think? but its a hardcore fact. we are expecting and we all crazy for things and we don't care what will be the consequences? we are crazy for money and this stupid lust for things is expanding and making us mean day by day and we are worse than any parasite. Its a bitter real statement.

we all hear on news channels that people are fighting and killing there loved ones or there friends or other humans for money and property. Every part of our country is filled with lust , corruption and dishonesty.

Its hard to believe anyone and its terrible that without any fear we are living in this environment. we are just passing out time. we have become so mean that we do not give a shit towards improvement of our environment and its safety.

we are just busy in making money by all those wrong methods and are spending it on branded imported stuff and doing favour to other countries by raising there currency level.

we just keep on blaming our politicians for development. what we are doing? the answer is nothing. we just bark that's it and we do not have guts to stand together and fight for issues.

we can start by choosing a issue and as soon as we win , we can switch to another issue but we are sleeping. we say " its okay! its India" it happens only in India. what a shame? we do not give a damn towards protection and safety of our environment.

we are busy in making bodies to show off and to get some good chicks for sex but we cant use those muscles in protecting our people because we are not having blood relation with them.

That's what we are , mean people and we will never progress if we will not change our self and we really need to be alert and to see whats happening in our environment. its not only our duty but its our right.

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