Thursday, September 23, 2010

pressure is on

I have always believed in becoming something, at least to stand on my own is crucial. self dependence is really helpful if we want to have respect in society . it looks like a book line but its more than that because you live your life in it.

I always thought that i will work till a particular age and will generate lots of money and put that in bank and eat its interest and will go on vacations and will do lots and lots of adventurous stuff and life would be free from troubles.

I was enjoying emptiness and i started hating work and even small jobs were too much for me. I didn't knew that i am thinking like this because of a specific reason.

I was under stress , its my tendency to take things too seriously and that seriousness destroys everything because i am becoming 200% serious and i know i crossed my line. every part needs a balance and we need to full fill each and every part to be a normal person.

I remember i forgot to laugh and i didn't had any exciting thing in my life. It felt like that each day is a burden and i have to handle it but still life goes and i was eating my whole day like a delicious feast.

I was understanding that life is not a party , its tough and i have to vanish this stress and think positive to do good jobs but that needed planning. In planning it was important to cover all the aspects and reasons to know that why my life is like this? am i the answer or i am just a question.

Well , i was both. Our life changes and becomes what it is now because of us and also because of people who are with us and that people not only counts friends , relatives , parents , lovers but also outsiders , locality , circumstances , time and all these factors contribute together and give us a result of pass or fail.

Its easy to pass in exam but passing in life exam is difficult and involves many roles. sometimes parents also make mistakes but still they think that they are right and there descision is never wrong .

The reason behind this fact is that they see a particular issue through there eyes and they do not consider our choices as we are considered immature and they are as adult.

I know they have also seen that young age period but that young age period and this young age period is entirely different. Its a different time with different challenges and circumstances. The biggest problem with parents is that they start to compare there time with our today's time but they ignore the things which were at that time and which are today.

I consider the fact that today means are available with extreme technology and advancement and earlier it was not but earlier the thinking of people , the education , the competition level , the opportunities , the population ratio , the need , the want , everything was different.

why they ignore all these important facts?

they keep on pressuring us to do well , its good but giving so called excuse and comparing today's education system with previous education system is wrong. It happens in every way from clothes to food to activities.

so the pressure is on and it will be there until and unless parents will understand us.

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