Thursday, September 30, 2010

i just wish that jealousy should be corrected

jealousy is very important as other expressions because it builds an ability to work hard and to be more and more perfect in our job that's what i believe but when we get addicted to this expression , then we get quite different and new results which change our life completely.

I never knew that what really jealousy is?

I used to feel bad whenever i saw someone is better than me but i also appreciated him/her because of there hard work. Its a fact that , you cant be perfect and you may have lot of weakness and imperfections but still you have something to offer .

no body understands this fact that we are also capable and we should improve our skills to compete and to become something but our whole concentration is towards exploiting others and creating difficulties for the ones we think are better than us.

I faced this situation a lot. specially in my college and school times. If i am good at art , it doesn't mean that others are not..some are good at maths and i am not. so what?

Lots of people are so jealous in there daily life from small to large things that they get addicted to this fact and they do nothing but making life difficult for others , its there daily routine.

There are some people who have this tendency. Millions of people hate me and billions love me. The thing is i just don't care. I am good at what i am because i work hard on that and i don't thing that anybody should feel bad about it. once a jealous woman said to me that "you don't let others show there talent"..i was really surprised . i do not steal any one's talent . i just focus on my aim and my work and its not a crime.

Right now i am in college and everybody hates me there specially my college mates. half of them don't have guts to speak in public and in communication and they are more like copy cats but they get so jealous from me that they started creating difficulties in my professional life.

They gossip behind my back and they give wrong information to the faculty to ruin me. I just really pity on them because they are wasting so much of there time in thinking about me and on me.

Seriously these kind of people should be ashamed of themselves as they waste there parents money and instead of studying they are wasting time in backstabbing. These kind of people never succeed in there life because they neglect there aim and build a new aim of ruining someones life. They can be good fans but not the stars because they are not made for it. They are made to be assholes , so they act like that and remain cheap as it suits them.

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