Friday, September 24, 2010

i hate fake people

Technically exhausted and very nicely irritated. That's what i feel when i hear this love thing. i guess its a thing and in fact a non living thing running in this world and we are chasing it like a fool.

love is a four letter word used to take advantage and to emotionally blackmail and to make you realize that you are the dumbest person ever in this world and you feel wow and you are just so crazy that you sing those stupid love songs .

And still after passing through this love phase, i love these so called songs. damn , its an addiction like tea addiction. yeah i used to have 8 to 10 cups of tea in a day, simply disgusting fact is that i am hating this love concept.

there were lot of incidents came when i realized this reality and my thinking became like this. I don't know when i will think positive now. You know i just loved and loved and got rejection in return and just rejection. that's it. no say at all.

i asked for friendship but no, no one is ready. why? am i that bad looking? i don't think so. then what?

may be because i know how to say no. well , there are some people who cant say no but i can say no. the fact is if something is in my limits , i don't mind in sharing or helping but if something is not in my hands , then its tough to make it happen. I say what i feel, people have guts to play pranks but they do not have guts to face them and that's what happened here.

moreover being frank makes things tough for me many times but its also difficult to fake things and say all those stuff that you really do not believe in.

And lots of people fake things and speak all those pleasing , flattering things to get love and they get because we all believe in hearing that thing which takes us away from reality. Besides being an adult we all are immature and we believe in fairy tales and we hear it from our lovers in shape of pleasing things.

i can also be like that , i can also fake things and can say those stuff which people want to hear and i know by that every body would be after me but i believe in being alone. Loneliness is better than fake friendships and fake relationships because sooner or later they get finished. relationships based on lie are always temporary and they always gives pain. just try that it may sound bookish but its a real life experienced thing.

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