Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I was watching porn as a daily routine on net and BOOM! my father came in my room. why can't someone knock the door ?
but yeah they are parents they think that they have right for everything.

yeah , they have right as a guardian but not for everything . well! if I am a son , it doesn't mean that i am compelled to take orders . I still think of that look he gave me when he saw me watching porn.

Oh man ! cant explain that look , its worse than anything bad. he was constantly staring at me. I changed the window very quickly , it happened in seconds but still he saw that. well! He walks so quietly that you can't predict when he is coming by and you won't even able to feel his presence around you.

Damn i was caught but i don't give a shit to that. I love porn , it gives me satisfaction and for what am I paying Internet charges? for this! Yeah! fun! Pleasure!

while you watch it and before you watch it and after you watch it. It just gives happiness. It really tells me that there is still a hope. so don't worry enjoy , its your day. It's a kind of reward. well I really wish to take the membership because i want to see more than just trailers.

Porn really helps to learn new ways of performing sex , its a kind of sex education given to you with entertainment. but lots of people pretend that this is bad, something evil or a taboo while still they enjoy it secretly whereas this is a natural body need. Just like we feel hungry, thirsty, we feel the need to make love.

I guess one should have guts to admit what they are, what they like and also should be courageous enough to admit their weakness like i do but this is a world of entertainment. we never say what we feel and we say what we do not feel.

we always have a mean nature and we always follow our selfish side while keeping packed our selfless side and we are never ready to see or divulge that selfless side of ours.

we are so addicted and obsessed with our selfish nature that we do not care about anyone because we put our needs and wants first. I am also a selfish guy at some point but I am trying to unpack my selfless side also.

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