Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Insecurity has done my security from well , i have always concerned about myself and my looks. every body does that. specially this thing occurs because of fear.
yes ! fear of losing that special one in your life. All this outer beauty concept is successful because we neglect inner beauty and we focus on flesh and definitely that's why this disease known as insecurity develops in our self.

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we think that we don't look good or not appealing to our partner or in order to attract as much people as we could , we are constantly putting efforts on outer beauty and neglecting inner beauty.

I think its good to improve yourself and make yourself perfect but ignoring other aspects is wrong. Generally , good looking people generate attitude and pride and they feel awkward in talking to a person who is less attractive and if anyone is ugly , they pretend that they are doing a mercy if they are talking to them.

well i have observed and experienced that a lot. There are lots of people who are so obsessed with themselves and there so called attitude that they don't give any credit to anyone and if they become rich some how , then their intentions become more horrible.

They behave like plastic dolls and they become heartless. It happens , don't believe me? try it you will see the difference. I am not referring towards every good looking fellow but a large majority is like that.

Its in our race, we all prefer to hangout with good looking people and we always want to show others that we are perfect and all those perfect looking people are after us resulting in super perfection. This is an addiction to show the world that we are something .

If some people have a big friend circle , it doesn't mean that they are happy or their friends are really friends. If you go to any social networking site , you will see that lots of people have tendency to just add people like me.

Ya ! I do add people , no matter who they are or from where they belong. I just love to note down the differences between their behaviors and its incredible when you see change in people's attitude towards you.

Its not bad , its a wake up call , an opportunity to know how people are in reality and its an education to learn people and its beneficial for your entire life. when you start this study of examining people , you really reach a point where you can really detect what kind of person you like in reality and who likes you. so , don't worry just click the button and say yes.

well there is no end to the insecurity and people will always judge you . Its better to accept yourself as you rather than trying to be something you are not. i wasted many years of my life in pretending to be something i was not , i know it was a stupid attempt just to get some friends and sound cool. 

today i have realized what really matters to me the most. its me who is awesome , no matter what other think about me , they are not giving me bread so why i should be like them. 

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