Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i dont believe my father anymore

why we believe?

why we do this thing?

It feels painful when you get hurt or when someone breaks your promise or your commitment and do not care of your integrity and your identity. well it happens a lot specially when it comes to things and mainly in property issues.

I heard a lot about property issues but never knew that this thing will happen in my house too. I have 3 uncle's ( my daddy's real brothers). well , i call them uncles. They really used my dad all there life ,as they are younger than my daddy , my daddy treated them as there son and bingo they got a chance , a very flattering and cool opportunity to get there all jobs done.

My dad is that emotional type , you know , too sentimental. He believes whatever they say and worships there each and every word like worshiping god. I always had arguments with my father and i asked him millions of times that why he trust them again and again..?

I really don't know why he is doing that? my uncle snatched everything from us and we were left with nothing except respect and if we ask for what we lost , then we will lose our respect too because all my uncles are not humans anymore , they are money mannequins and they just see money and they do not value human and they didn't felt a single shame in eating our life but i don't know , if really there is someone in this universe who is watching this , will punish them but that never happens.

Generally , people keep on crying like me and die and we get nothing because our biggest mistake is trusting people and still it happens again and again.

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