Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am not your pet , so please don't use me

I am not your pet. I hate people who use me like their pet. I had fucking ugly friends who used me very finely with the tag line of friends with their so called sweet nature.

why they ignore that i am also a human with feelings?  well but i can bet they were not humans. The person who is honest and innocent is treated as dumb. People think that we are stupid and can be used in any way.
well its so unfair the world is full of people with mean nature. we always ignore our weakness and our demerits and run after those who look perfect to us from all point of view.

we may be ugly but still we want a beauty queen or handsome model. well life is full of needs and wants and we just run after them and get addicted to them. It seems there is no meaning of life , we are just after these materialistic things and that cheap so called plastic egoistic attitude we try to inhale.

we are so not humans , we are machines , money generating machines who just seek money with no emotions and no love. we never study to learn something. we study because we need money and education will give us job and bottom line is money.

we just use nature but we never care for it we just perform sex with multiple partners without any single percent interest in that persons behaviour or we just don't feel like knowing except acting like a slut.

I always got fooled because i trusted people again and again but they thought that its my habit of being used but they were so wrong. i never knew that why i was letting them say and do whatever they want.

Its my sentimental nature that lead me to this worst situation. i knew now that there is no love or emotion stuff its all showbiz only if you can offer something you will be in limelight.

everybody is after you for one or the other thing from sex to money to fame to any other advantage . its just about getting your jobs done that's it. Now i just think that its better to be alone at least you can trust yourself without any fear and i just don't give a damn to those who used me and i just wish that god will give sense to them and will transform their ugly intentions into nice ones by nature forces.

Fingers crossed i just wish that all mean nature and ego should be disappeared. i know its impossible but impossible itself says that i am possible . so we should never lose hope.

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