Friday, September 24, 2010

why spitting secrets to friends can be dangerous for your health?

Well every one is not perfect and even perfect has little bit imperfections and we all work hard to cope up with it and still we trust our self and convince our self that life is better and we just carry on with whatever we have and its a great feeling because we seek someone to make us feel perfect.

Friends are the only one we want and need to make us believe that ya the world is beautiful . I don't see any person happy without someones presence in his/her life. Its a basic human nature of sharing , comparing , examining , utilizing time and knowing each other.

Its a fact that we really cant discuss everything with our parents . we always do wrong things which lead us to a negative path where we cant keep that secret for long with our own and we seek culprits like us to share those dirty things and wrong habits.

Well , it happens a lot and at the start everything seems nice and we say to our self" that he is also doing that , then why i should feel bad?" or maybe like "she has so many boyfriends and i don't have anyone ,i should also get one" .

But in that sharing process we sometimes cross our limits of sharing but  secrets are meant to be disclosed , its more difficult to digest it and we feel cool and try to show that we are so extrovert by spiting out that secret , its kind of way to show that ya we are king of truth and dare game.

we are so stupid and we always think that as we both know each others secret , it wont be easy to back stab and our things would not be exposed so easily but we are so wrong.

there are some people who act like dogs(being too much trustworthy) but actually they are wild pigs( assholes in short) and they just let you speak and speak and speak.

Now be careful here , if you have any friend who say nothing or little bit on phone or casually also and let you speak and speak and speak then you gotta think again. Its dangerous as they are just getting information from your mind and you cannot detect their intentions as you don't know them and they know you and everything about you as you have a habit of spiting like a desperate wind bag.

I got many friends(parasites in short + wild pigs) who back stabbed me and i was such a fool that i was telling them each and everything about myself and i didn't knew what they actually think of me and those assholes were making fun of me at my back and also they really had very horrible , disgusting intentions. well , i am thankful to myself that i was able to detect that , so think before you choose a person to spit your secret .

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