Sunday, September 19, 2010

why we choose money instead of relationships?

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Life is not giving me any way to be happy. I just get jealous so easily because i didn't got what others have. I know i should not be like that, in fact i should respect whatever i have and should find peace in that but its hard and i find great difficulty in following these morals because they make me weak.

I have always been a guy who used to be satisfied with what he has but today as i see that the world is expecting more from me and is not accepting me as i am , it becomes tough for me to trust people and to admire there efforts because no body trusted me , no body acknowledged my works , i always received complaints and questions and expectations and hope

what about me ?

who i am?
whats my identity?

don't you think that i also deserve love or happiness or appreciation at least for a while but no.
Nobody considers that. My relatives are busy in snatching money from me and my father is blindly believing them and
it hurts when your own people do not love you and when they choose money instead of relationships.

why people choose money instead of relationships?

I guess money has the value and people are counted worse then that. Nobody cares for emotions or love because lust wins.

we all are greedy for money , sex , fame and to get these things we do bad things and it happens continuously.

then what we are living for?

we are just madly living for money . we do not live for our self  I know money is important to survive but getting obsessed with it ruins life and i have seen those greedy money statues who live for money and die for money. 

so whats the reason of our existence as human? money??

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