Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love you money

All the relationships are based on money , just money and i have seen that. I always preferred relationships and obeyed the fact that blood is thicker than water but its not , the statement should be money is thicker and bigger than any relationship of this world.

I have always considered the fact that all these materialistic things are for just usage and we people use it because we invented it but we are giving much more importance to all these things and specially to these non-living things.

I know it seems simple but its not. No matter how much cars or accessories or clothes we have we will die alone and these things would not be carried with us but the time we spend in this small and short life gives us chance to love other living creatures weather its humans or animals or both but we all are money minded people.

we see money , we eat money , we breath money , we exhale money and just money. Our life surrounds after money only and we still don't understand here that

why we are born?

I guess we are born for money. Once i had all these qualities. I was crazy for money and i preferred money and status on relationships and at the end of the day i was alone.
I know its bad but i was not wrong at my place. I remember the look these rich people give you when you meet them . I remember i went to my uncle's house for some work and from my side i was wearing the best i could but as that man has rich status , he made his face like flush gonna explode on his face.

He watched me from head to toe with that plastic look , like he was feeling embarrassed to invite me in his house. That was a moment i realized that money wins in today's world.

If you are wearing expensive clothes , if you are rich then you are respected otherwise you are not even treated as a human. well its so funny to hear that people are respected by money otherwise not.

And this thing was also happening in my family. some of my relatives became rich and after that there whole concept and thinking was changed towards us. No matter how good and best you are, you are a zero if you don't have money.

No body acknowledged my talent . what they acknowledged was money. today lots of institutes and colleges and schools are taking huge bribes to pass the child and to grant admission. Its a clear fact that there are lots of students who get uplifted by money and there talent and working ability is zero but cant help it.

we cant blame anyone , from every tiny person to huge one , everyone is ready to take bribes as a reward. Its a shame that corruption and money lust is growing and love , emotions , trust , loyalty and hardwork is becoming extinct.

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