Tuesday, May 4, 2010


When I wasn't born
I could feel the lovely touch of my parents in the womb
Day by day as i grew , my family excited ,
waiting for me to come & brighten their world even poems were cited.

My mom would fell happy when i would move inside her ,
she would even talk to me at times with a spur...

When i was born ,
All the relatives would take me in their hands ,
they would kiss me , hug me with the love that never ends.
They would care for even my weep
And would spend sleepless nights to get me to sleep..

As i started growing ,
My parents would teach me ways of life , teach me to dream my fantasy & they'd dream a golden future for me.
My mischieves would draw smiles on their faces
and just for me they'd buy gifts & chocolates followed by embraces.

Now ,
I've grown enough to understand the world ,
I've grown enough to feel my heart ,
Grown enough to dream my own fantasy ,
But that are a little different from what my parents dreamt for me..

Now ,
I am despicable because i am different ???
The empurios boon has turned into a curse from the devil???
They wish they'd better smothered me to death when i was born???
Painful in the heart but..
I still love them..
still long for the unselfish love of my mother , of my father , of all of them ...

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