Friday, April 9, 2010


why we don't follow the rules? why? why it is so enjoyable to do the wrong stuff? whenever we are told to do something we do exactly opposite of it.

It goes with every one. Since my childhood milk is my biggest enemy , i remember i always used to throw milk in sink or in flower pots and sometimes when i was too damn aggressive i used to throw it in wooden cabinets. It was funny and joyful.

Everyday it was like a parade for my family to make me drink the milk. well it was certainly a very small incident which i used as example but i mean about bigger things.

Things which affect life , things which can cause problem not only to others but also to us. Things our soul does not like but still we do it.

We all our selfish , greedy people. We are slaves of our needs and to fulfill them we can do anything. we don't care about it a single minute.We are addicted to this materialistic world and we are just crazy for these tempting baits that nature and luck and people throw in front of us.

why this greediness does not go from us? our needs are expanding like anything. But we make excuse that everyone is doing the same so why we don't do it?

we are also counted in that every one. we are so stupid that to show others we ignore our self. we ignore the precious love of our loved ones, just to show others that how modern and fast we are.

But we prove our stupidity with passion. We don't think that at the end of the day its our loved ones that will help us. Only our family will understand our pain and sorrow and others will not be bothered for anything.

Even if we die nobody will be affected only the people who will be affected is our family members. our attitude , our ego , our greediness and other bad qualities which we are showing in order to get fame will all be vanished.

No body will miss us accept our family but still we are addicted to showbiz. we still lie to our parents , we still fool our brothers and sisters , we still make excuses , we still argue with our family members to hangout with the outsiders who were never concerned for us.

when our parents or our elder brother or sister or any other family member scolds us we hate that thing but when our boyfriend /girlfriend scolds us we admire that by saying " oh he/she is so caring " . So sick of us.

What i am writing here is a true fact. Even i was also a showbiz guy but now i am changing. I am really changing myself and it feels good to be a true and genuine guy. Being plastic is no more my choice. Hope you enjoy reading.

It was pulkit mohan singla. thank you..

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