Sunday, April 18, 2010

why business man get a belly?

why business man get a belly? i always thought that just because they are careless and they are just after money but i was so wrong. When i entered the business world , i was a very slim guy , people used to call me a kid and they were surprised to see me working.

I remember i started working at a very early age and today i am independent . My life is so cropped up by tensions , everyday challenges , demands , responsibilities , work and  many other
duties which are precious than your life. Its really hard at the start but when you start living with it you realize that its fun . Ya , later on these problems looks so easy and you get addicted to it like i am addicted to these tough situations. I just cant sit free.

If my any day goes without arguments or tensions i feel so surprised and it feels weird. I know it sounds crazy when somebody says that but this craziness is lovable simply lovable but its obvious that you have to give up so many things if you want to be a successful man. Like i gave up so many fun stuff but now i don't feel anymore about those stuff and i don't feel interest in that.

I thought that i will always be this slim guy but with responsibilities and duties and tensions and stress, business gave me lot of food. Ya , it does. Its funny but wherever you go you are greeted by these tempting foods and you cant ignore every time.

Although i am a regular gym going person but still its so tough to say No when somebody is offering you again and again. Sometimes i get such weird clients that they feel bad if you don't eat whatever they are offering.

I remember i had a deal with a freak and he asked me for Tea , I said " I already had 5 cup of tea since morning and cant take any more, will prefer soft drink or water"

you know what he did. Now whenever we meet for another deal he offers me soft drink without even asking me what i need and he orders tea for himself only. That's ridiculous.

But some clients are so good that they offer various kinds of mouth watering dishes and it becomes so hard sometimes to say No to everyone. Besides working out i was gaining weight and from a slim guy i become a good build up guy because whatever i was eating was transformed into muscle i guess but i just got one benefit now people don't get surprised when they see me as a business man.

I guess i meet the age they look for. sometimes you need to look little heavy and mature to do business but i guess i really need to try to keep myself away from these high calorie food.

Everyday i used to have 5 to 6 meetings and in every meeting i am offered snacks and again then my breakfast and lunch and dinner is also there. At a point of time i was having 8 to 12 cups of tea in a day. It was really damn cool and soon i got this sweet little belly. It looks cute. My girlfriend admires it but anyway whatever the thing is , i enjoy business and no matter how much i need to give up for it and really business and my company is the better thing to worry about then my waistline. anyway it was pulkit mohan singla. Stay fit and eat a

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