Tuesday, April 27, 2010

matrimonial sites exploiting people

Today every one is opting for these matrimonial sites and like others i also thought of this option. Not for me but for my father. There are so many sites and many of them guarantee to give you your perfect mate and some are free and some charge nominal fee which i thought is reasonable amount for such a wonderful service and i just loved the concept you see but i didn't knew that this matrimonial business is so profitable and easy and desperate people like us will be trapped so easily.

I am not disclosing any names here because like me some of you might have got trapped and you will understand soon. Earlier i had account on some free sites . I mean they say that we give free service and its obvious there is no benefit in this free service thing.

I just want to ask " what kind of service is this? "when you cant contact partner's profile, you cant see the details , you cant see the info. I think its not a free service but its a useless service.

There is no need of this service , when you cant get any benefit at all. so this time i switched over to this paid service thing.

In this there is more complicated tactics played. I know i can see the information of the partner and i can send the message to the partner but that person if has not payed charges , they cant see my message and there are very less people who have actually displayed there phone numbers on net and they cant reply to our profile because they are unpaid.

and the best thing about these sites is that anyone can make accounts here with fake information and fake photograph and there is no control and no proof of genuinity.

The bottom line is , its a complicated selfish world and its hard to find perfect partner today and the environment and society is more and more complicated and they are always keen to make things complex for you. I just want to say please do not play with the emotions of people who make account on these matrimonial sites with dreams to find a perfect mate. Please provide them right service and please do not exploit them in order to make more profits.

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