Wednesday, April 7, 2010


why do we make friends?
 don’t we feel complete by our family members ?

 I don’t know besides having best compatibility with our family members. we still need some outsiders to share our secrets or you can say dirty secrets or stuff that we don’t want to share with family. it clearly means that what we are doing is wrong that’s why we don’t have desired guts to share that with family. you all know where i am referring towards. anyway we need friends and we select each of them with passion. 

we really don’t waste our thinking on other important stuffs like future or education or family but we use half of our brain to choose the right friends. we have not taken that much interest in our life or in our family that we take in our friends. we never wanted to understand what we exactly want? and we never thought of understanding the parents or twisting their scoldings into the shape of questions to know what they want for us but we are so keen to do various stupid stuffs for this so-called Friends thing.

 we never ever thought of gossiping about our relatives and to know what is really going on in our family but as usual we are busy gossiping about friends. that’s such a cliche. I don’t know why we waste our so much time on this thing. i know its fun to hangout with new faces and to discuss about our love problems and other teenage blah blah stuff but don’t you think its kind of useless job to do. ya it is. you know why its obvious that half of i guess more than half of us only choose those people as friends whom we find useful and we say silently in our dirty mind ” yeah this man/woman can make my this work done ” or aha he/she is rich” or hmm he/she can be used” and the list is endless. but many of us pretend to be very practical and we proudly represent us as single strong competitor who has power to influence everyone but it’s just a wrong definition we portray. sooner or later this emotional bonding becomes so strong that we really don’t find us comfortable. we become kind of addicted you know and it’s really complex. it does not apply on every one because some are too hard rock practical people who really don’t have emotion kind of word in their soul. but the thing is what happens when this bonding makes us miserable.

 we start trusting our Friends more than we ever trusted ourselves or our family. but as usual money , sex , love , fame , society , power and other baits break this trust and stand between the friends leading us to feel violated. we feel bad and we regret that why we choose this person as our that's the friendship game..we meet , we like , we hangout , we cry , we hate and we sit alone and read this article. thank you. it was pulkit mohan singla . i hope that you may get true friends. take care and be safe.

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