Sunday, March 21, 2010

life is full of dishonest , plastic , mean , arrogant and all that thing which makes you sick kind of people. I mean you really cant trust anyone. Its so disgusting . i have always got mean friends who choosed me just for a reason. Why we all are like that..? i really judge myself first and then go forward to judge others. At some point of time i act mean , arrogant , plastic , and ya i lie a lot. Nicer word would be bluff. But still i am a human and i complain like anyother person would do. i dont know it feels pathetic when your dreams are shattered because of some people in your life and because of some circumstances that are unavoidable and they suck. the most ridiculous thing in the world is love. just dont say no now. first let me compelete. when you love someone and you dont get love in return..its horrible and the biggest nightmare. I hate this thing and specially this love game and it feels more pathetic when the person you love does not deserve your love and you know that buts till insanly you are worshiping the person like anything...why it happens? i need answers . why this stupid love touched me? its bad and it gives ridiculous amount of pain .

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