Wednesday, March 31, 2010

he also got the right

This thing is really shocking i noticed about people. I lost my mother when i was 14yrs old and i always felt something missing in my life. My dad had to play the part of both mother and father. As a kid i never realised his situation and his challenges because i was only concerned with myself but now when i am learning i really got to know what lonliness and love is.
I always hated to have a step mom but i never ever acknowledged that my father needs a partner. A partner who could understand him and be with him in his bad and good times.
Really loneliness is a biggest nightmare.. and its horrible as hell. I tried to give matrimonial ads in newspapers and on internet dating sites for my father but nothing worked so far.
My so called relatives are busy in their personal affairs. When we are with a family we expect that our family will do something for us. No matter how modern we are. I guess that's called a family which serves its every person with love , support , care and a die hard attitude of give and take.
When i see my father sitting alone i really feel so pathetic.I know i am with him but he cant discuss everything with me. I am still not so developed to understand the big things.
I dont know its tough. People advice me to get married. You know i will be 20 yrs old in this may. I am still struggling on my carreer and i dont know how people can advice me this.
Anyway the worst part is that no one is there to support. I know i should not expect but its a human nature. when you do something for others , No doubt sooner or later you start expecting. I just wish that everything will be okay..please friends i need your blessings..thank you

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